Materials, Fixtures, Fittings and Equipment

Building materials, fixtures, fittings and equipment are sourced from New Zealand companies with reputations for quality products and guarantees to support. All guarantees on materials, fixtures, fittings and equipment are passed onto our clients.

Eunoia project manage the construction and installation of each bach to ensure a sensible timeframe is achieved and our high standards are met.

Architecturally Designed & Engineered

Young + Richards are the master designers for Eunoia. Harriet Pilkington (nee Richards) and Elvon Young are highly qualified and are bound by a professional code of ethics. Their architecture and design practice Young + Richards Ltd has a staff of 30.

Each Eunoia Bach is specifically placed onsite by our designers to capture the best aspect of the land and ensure the best consideration for views, sunshine, and shading and blocking of wind using the natural environment.

Each Eunoia Bach has been specifically engineered by our registered engineers for New Zealand conditions.

Simplicity, elegance, efficiency of structure and construction, and waste minimisation are core to our design.

New Zealand Building Code Compliance

Eunoia Baches are built in accordance with the New Zealand Building Code; they have been professionally designed and engineered, and come with individually signed producer statements.

Building Guarantee

Eunoia’s preferred builders will provide a guarantee on workmanship through either members of the Certified Builders Association of New Zealand or the Master Builders Federation.

Design By Nature

Eunoia Baches are intelligently designed and constructed to reduce our impact on the environment, by using sustainable resources, recycled materials and processes that are environmentally responsible and non-pollutant. Where possible we source materials locally and from New Zealand companies.

Key environmental aspects incorporated into Eunoia Baches include:


  • Energy saving led lighting
  • External walls and ceilings are provided with the appropriate R Value* insulation
  • Underfloor insulation is provided with the appropriate R Value*
  • Double glazing to all windows and doors
  • Site specific placement of bach for maximum sun and natural shelter
  • Efficient heating options
  • Solar panels and wind turbine power packages can be tailored to the owners requirements (optional)


  • Efficient water use fixtures, wells rated.
  • Water purifiers featured in each kitchen, optional
  • Rainwater collection tanks (optional)


  • Offsite construction incorporated through pre-nailed trusses and walls. Material waste minimised


  • Low VOC* paints
  • MDF board made from largely pre consumed and re claimed Pine timber, with very low formaldehyde emission level EO substrate and low VOC’s
  • Clean air approved wood burners (optional)


  • By using New Zealand Douglas Fir and Pinus Radiata timber sustainably harvested under the Resource Management Act we are helping remove carbon dioxides from the atmosphere
  • Endeavouring to supply locally where possible


Eunoia – Off-grid and grid-connected power solutions

Eunoia has developed systems in conjunction with our environmental energy consultants to provide for off-grid and grid connected renewable energy generation.

Eunoia Bachs can go further than just providing for alternative energy, they are able to be adapted to monitor a diesel generator and gas bottles. They can be used to house broadband Internet and phone line connection as well as a security system and web cams.

* R (Resistance) Value is the measure of how effective the insulation will be. For cold winter destinations we will increase the R Value.
* VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) are organic chemical compounds that have high enough vapour pressures under normal conditions to significantly vaporise and enter the atmosphere.


Although every precaution has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information herein, no responsibility will be taken for any errors or omissions. Prospective purchasers should not confine themselves to the content but make their own enquiries to satisfy themselves on all aspects. The material is for guidance purposes only and does not constitute an offer or contract. While Eunoia will endeavour to ensure that each bach is built in accordance with plans and specifications contained herein, Eunoia reserves the right to change or vary the information contained in this document or website at anytime.
All renderings, illustrations and images are indicative only.