Eunoia Bach S

The Small Bach model totals 81m2, including 37m2 of ground floor living and 11m2 of attic space, front and rear decking/veranda that measures 33m2 as the standard size.

The bach is designed as a bunkhouse to be added to an existing dwelling, or purchased in combination with one of our other baches, or as a complement to caravan or tent accommodation. The bach features two sets of single bunks with built-in shelving, storage, and windows for fresh air and views as well as a generous fully equipped bathroom. The attic space enjoys a large opening window to capture sunshine and views. The kitchen features oven, stove, rangehood, dishwasher, fridge / freezer, laundry and storage. The living area can feature a fireplace and entertainment area, with shelving as required.

The bi-folding doors open to a deck and outdoor living area situated under a pergola structure. The pergola can house retractable sun shades, creating an intimate setting between internal and external living.

Eunoia Baches are provided with pared back interiors that allow our clients to create their own individual style with or without the assistance of our design team.


S Bach

  • Sleeps 4 +
  • Space for four single bunks with optional built-in shelving and windows
  • An attic space with optional opening windows within the gable
  • A fully equipped bathroom with shower, vanity and WC
  • Kitchen with space for oven, stove, range hood, fridge / freezer and dishwasher.
  • Laundry cupboard with space for washing machine and dryer and additional space for a hot water cylinder (if required)
  • Living area with space for fireplace, shelving as required
  • Opening bi folding doors to large deck area
  • Pergola
  • High stud height within living and bedroom area, and optional windows within the apex of the gable offering natural light